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Any questions regarding our Musikhaus?
Simply give us a call or write an e-mail.
We will be glad to help.
Our opening hours are: 
Mo - Sat: 11am - 6pm

Our address is:
Königstr. 28
70173 Stuttgart
Come by and see for yourself!
...Via public transport:
The most convenient and wheelchair-accessible option is to alight at the station "Schlossplatz" (bus or subway). When in front of the pillared building called "Königsbau", walk along its left side until you can see the first hallway leading into the building. You should be able to spot our musically-decorated shop window.
...By car:
The Königsbau has a two-level underground parking structure with an entrance on Bolzstraße.
Sheet music:
+49 (0) 711-294347
Our e-mail address:
Instruments and equipment:
+49 (0) 711-2947622
Find your instrument for life
As the oldest music shop in south Germany, we pride ourselves in providing the best services we can offer to every customer. Our team of passionate and experienced musicians will be able to give you professional advice on almost any instrument.
Beginner to pro - we will do our best to find the one instrument that fits your level of playing, your wishes and your personality perfectly.
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